Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bride Lust: Honeydew Intimates

I just saw a great picture of a bride hanging out in her robe, pre-ceremony, on Elizabeth Anne Designs, and I thought about how my old-lady robe from target just isn't that cute.

I love this one. And the ruffly boyshorts are just hot. At Honeydew Intimates online.

(Images courtesy of Honeydew Intimates)


  1. I love ruffly boy shorts! I keep falling for ones that won't really fit under my dress, not without giving me a lovely ruffly silhouette!

  2. Yup. Ruffle butts are reserved for ball gowns I guess :P

  3. I love honeydew panties. They are so comfy. I own way too many. I have 2 of the ruffly ones... one has pineapples and the other has cherries! So fun!

    Oh and if you live near a nordstrom rack, they have a bunch there now for like 50% off! :)

  4. Um, style-ish, I wish you didn't tell me that. nordstrom rack is a dangerous place...

    But tell us, are ruffly panties just for wearing around the house, or what? You can't exactly wear 'em with jeans, can you??

  5. Speaking of adorable underthings, you should definitely check out Belle Fleur in Fremont. My friends threw me a surprise shower there after hours, and it was frankly, HEAVENLY. They have Honeydew stuff, and lots and lots more!

  6. Holly, your friends rock! Wish Fremont were closer, I'd check it out...