Wednesday, February 5, 2014

we have a winner

This here tree branch (well, almost) is really what I had in mind for hanging the lights.

We have a very similar two-branched hook we got at OK -- it's currently holding coats by the door, imagine -- and I was bummed to learn that the store no longer carries em.

So H did a quickie search for "tree branch coat hooks" and landed on Live Wire Farm.


Note: Our winner is not the exact hook pictured above. All the ones I liked were sold, but I emailed Live Wire Farm, and John quickly got back to me with photos of several more hooks that weren't up on the site. I chose #1, which makes me think of a hard-on. Which makes me giggle. (Truth: if you stare at them too hard they all look like hard-ons.)

Anyhoo. Maybe once we've got our hard-on installed I'll attempt to take an actual picture inside our actual house.

The truth is I attempt to take actual pictures all the time, but rarely do they feel blog-worthy. Which is why I end up posting photos of other people's SMEGS.


  1. I've bought similar ones from here: Beautiful and affordable.

  2. I'm so glad you said they look like hard ons. I was thinking that exact thing. More so when you stare at the whole page of them. I still like it though.

  3. I really liked this post. . .I don't have anything else to say, just that!

  4. But grumpy old ladies think that strings of lights are the cupcakes of the interior decorating world.

    Interesting hooks or not.

  5. More tiny home posts, please. Perfect timing. I just moved into a new house. Thanks to you and that blog you mentioned I am now obsessed with linen towels.

  6. Definitely just read that to say "We have a wiener"... and thought how appropriate.