Thursday, February 27, 2014

overkill for a courthouse wedding?

Dear ESB,

Future husband and I are getting married at the courthouse in Montreal in April and then having a big party in a mountain chalet in August. 

What do you think of these dresses for a Saturday courthouse ceremony? Too much black? Overkill in some other way? Your opinion is much appreciated!

Uber thanks,
Questioning black on white


Hate the Michael Kors, love the DVF. (Not an overkill thing really, more of a taste thing.)


  1. oof, not the michael kors. the dvf is nice

  2. you asked esb about a fitted vs a loose dress... cute.

  3. Deffo the DVF. It's that much more relaxed and cool.

    The thing about courthouse weddings is that you really can wear whatever the hell you want. For mine, I wore cream silk Halston Heritage; the woman before me a red satin minidress with perspex-heeled stripper shoes. And bloody good on her, too.

    1. the couple in front of us at city hall had matching tinfoil outfits, bless them.

  4. The Michael Kors looks very Victoria Grayson.

  5. DVF. I usually like lace, but that Michael Kors dress just seems too cougar-y.

  6. DVF over MK for sure!

    Coincidentally my boyfriend and I are also doing the courthouse thing in Montreal (march 15) and then a big party late May. Great minds think alike.

    I'm currently staying with a friend in Brooklyn and did the SOHO thing yesterday. I also booked an appointment at Lovely Bride and came up empty. any suggestions for shops to check out In brooklyn area for dresses? I was gonna head to Bird on Smith and a vintage spot called Malin Landeaus.

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