Saturday, April 16, 2011

you guys...............

i'm supposed to be decked out in sequins (or NOT SEQUINS) right now, on my way to that hill country wedding.

instead i'm holed up in an nyc office bldg, script-suping on a micro-budg feature.

i know. cry me a sparkly gold river, right?

(Photography by Will Davidson, Styling by Stevie Dance, Model Jessica Stam; via Vain and Vapid)


  1. That sucks. :( Maybe you need a cocktail to cheer you up and clear your head?

    *raises a virtual margarita your way*

    On the rocks or frozen? Salt or no salt?

  2. @isiria thanks, lady! i'll take it on the rocks w salt ;)

  3. I say rock the sequins anyway!

    Bottoms up!

    Also, at least you're in New York. Try working on a micro-budget feature in Alberta! Sad sad sad.

    - a reader named Jess with no profile... how do I get me one of those? That may be the dumbest question of your saturday. You're welcome.

  4. Drinking on set is pretty standard, right? Do it! I'm sure it'd make script suping even more awesome.

    I *would* tell you about the fabulous weather we're having down here right now, but I think that'd be pushing it :-)

  5. Also, did anyone else notice how, umm, freakish the model's ear is in the photo?...

  6. @Anon i think you just need to go to and create an account.

    p.s. that is NOWHERE NEAR the dumbest question of my saturday.

  7. oh noooo. i'm sorry lady. weird ear alert! weird ear!

  8. OBBBBBviously the only reasonable thing to do is take off your pants. Pantlessness in the office on a Saturday is always the answer.

    P.S. you're going to have a new homegirl in your hood starting September 1. Yup. Bye-bye Inja, hello grad school.

  9. I'm joining in the virtual margarita party! Cheers! (or as my mum says 'chink chink!')

  10. darn, the weather sure is nice, our state would've wooed ya. maybe the ex was wondering where you were. cheers all around.

  11. probably you should meet amanda and me for a drink in brooklyn tonight to wash the day away. trust me, i'm an expert.