Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy bunny day

i miss you guys.

there will be more and better and more posts i promise as soon as i make it to the end of this shoot.

i'm off to try to convince myself to FALL ASLEEP so i can wake up at the oddball hour of 2am and go hang out in a bar for 12 hours. sans alcohol.


image: ruben ireland via lizzie & isaiah via d_ns via design you trust

p.s. there's a new mmohiac that needs your input. this one fell between the cracks and i've waited way too long to put it up.


  1. happy bunny day to you too, lady. i used that illustration as well, did you get a chance to dig through his other stuff? BRILLIANT.

    can't WAIT til you come back. when you're gone, my reader is unbalanced with too many pretties.

  2. your life sounds fun

    PS are you missing H-Town like crazy?

  3. @nikki it is pretty fun. and YES. fortunately, he is often up in the middle of the night to text me sweet emojis.

  4. as a girl with some hips myself, i suggest this with cute wooden platforms -

    or this amazingness with cute flat sandals -