Wednesday, September 22, 2010

have I got some wedding clothes for YOU.

Helmut Lang Spring 2011 (via Teen Angster)

No idea when this stuff will be avail, or how much it will cost, but if someone would pls get married in that shorts ensemble I swear to god I'll run your pics at the top of the blog for a whole month.


  1. i want to wear that last outfit for my bachelorette bar hopping, dammit! it should be available NOW. :(

  2. oh honey no: wedding shorts through the ages (hardcover, $25.95; september 2010)

  3. I am not so sure about the shorts but I do love the jackets on all the outfits.

  4. i'm actually on board with these wedding shorts.

    maybe we can get that etsy chick to bedazzle em.

  5. i'd do it in a heart beat. in fact, i can't really get around the whole big gown thing. maybe this would work.

    grabbing and putting in my inspiration folder. thanks.