Monday, September 20, 2010

Dear ESB: What do I wear around my neck?


I am less than a month away from Le Wedding, and I'm so stuck when it comes to what to wear around my neck. I need to decide within the next couple of days, so things can be posted in time.

My dress is this one here, but I'm shooting for big hair, a big hair bow and a big veil. None of this fierce and sleek for me.

I found this necklace and thought it would work so very well with our accidental bell theme (ask people to rsvp 'with bells on', and they'll expect the darn things everywhere). But I have some concerns:

i) will it look weird if not photographed dead front on or from a distance? (and does this even matter?);
ii) will people spend the whole night trying to work out exactly what the coloured blobs around my neck are? (the piece is probably five inches across all up)
iii) too casual to go with the dress?

This is the fallback.

Too boring?

Argh! Help!


Option 1 is way too cutesy. I can't imagine anyone wearing that.

Option 2 is just ugly.

If you're going for big hair, a big bow AND a big veil, I say skip the necklace.

(Photo by David Slijper for Elle UK via a glamorous little side project)


  1. so like chanel says, "before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off."

    that one thing is the necklace.

  2. fierce and sleek may not be your thing, but you don't need to go overboard to prove that point. if you simply MUST wear a necklace, i would do a simple chain with a smallish charm. maybe your initial? a big bow on your head and bell around your neck might be a bit too thematic; you might as well add some heart earrings, if you know what i mean...

  3. exposed collar-bones are the sexiest thing ever...skip the necklace!!

  4. Big hair, veil and that dress will be awesome!

    But while the necklace is a pretty piece, it's a bit ott to wear. If you're still loving it though, and it's a sweet piece of design, you could p'haps wrap it round your bottle of vino/champagne/hard liquor at the reception? Not necessary by any means, but a way to sneak it in.

  5. ixnay the necklaces
    if your going Grande on the hair, bow and veil, keep the rest simple.

  6. I prefer the 2nd but agree with most here that it would be best to go bare neck if you're doing the big hair and bow. Or you could contrast with something simple with just a little sparkle.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress by the way!

  7. no necklace.
    I just decided for my photo shoot to not use any jewelry and it works really well.

    and hey: I am a massive fan of bold jewelry. but it really sounds you are already bold enough with the bow and the veil.

  8. I agree - I can't imagine anyone wearing that 1st necklace, especially not w/ a wedding dress.

    I vote no necklace.

  9. I get the feeling you are a "go big or go home" kind of girl, and that's cool. If you must add a necklace, go for something long and somewhat simple. You've got enough going on by your face. I agree that a necklace might be pushing it, but if you do go there, how about some really long pearls knotted below your bust line?

  10. I agree, no necklace. Sounds like "a lot of look" as it is. I'd even suggest no veil - especially if you're doing a hair bow AND a big hairstyle.

  11. i cant believe that there is not 1, but 2 necklaces in the world that ugly

  12. if you MUST

  13. I heart rob ryan but a little too mycg

    Still buy, but not for neckwear. Like Catherine says for a cake topper or something?

  14. agreed - big hair, big bow, big dress - that will look awesome! but all that with big necklace - trying too hard.

  15. I like Rob Ryan stuff less the more I see it. Ok on paper. Not on a necklace and def not with a wedding dress (esp one as beautiful as that one).

    I didn't wear any jewellery other than my rings and pearl earrings my mother-in-law lent me. Let the dress and veil and hair speak for themselves.

    The 2nd one is ok but a necklace like that with a strapless dress reminds me of Marge Simpson.

  16. Go with an awesome chunky bracelet or cuff. I'm a timeless kind of gal so I would opt for pearls, but anything would work. This way you still get your glam on but it won't compete with the hair/headpiece.

  17. Given how totally different those 2 necklaces are, Im confident in assuming youre in a "sh#t! I need a necklace even though I don't know why!?!?" panic. Step away from the drama and away from the necklaces.

  18. I love the advice to go for an awesome chunky bracelet. I wore a huge honkin Wilma Flinstone style pearl bracelet for our wedding, and i think it's my favourite piece of jewellery.

  19. Agreed on all counts. No necklace. Awesome, chunky bracelet (or, hey, anklet!) FTW.

  20. Not to be totally self-serving here, but to help a girl out, there are nicer bell necklaces out there. Available in silver and gold.

  21. Ha ha the honesty from ESB brings me alot of joy!

    What about a simple initial charm of your hubby-to-be. On a delicate chain. Sweet!