Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hipster Hunt

I have signed on for the deliriously fun though somewhat daunting task of taking Peonies on a tour of the greater Williamsburg/Greenpoint area. And she would really like to spot some authentic hipsters.

Please. Help. Where should we go?? I haven't lived in W'msburg since 1998 (though I do try to visit catbird whenever I have the chance). So, yeah. I exactly can't claim to know all the cool out-of-the-way spots.

Leave a comment or feel free to, you know, email me, if you don't want to publicly reveal the location of your fave thrift store/noodle shop/dive bar.


  1. go to barcade: or just go to any rooftop. ;)

  2. i assume you already know blue bottle's in the hood now, right?

    raymund's on bedford en route to greenpoint for apple pancakes (gluten-free?) and pierogi. dear god, the polish food at raymund's.

    brooklyn adorned if you still need jewelry after catbird. zenkichi for a fabulous lunch if you decide to pretend you're tokyo jewel thieves.

  3. oh, and keep your eyes peeled when you hang a left on grand from bedford en route to brooklyn adorned. there are some sick shops on both sides on the way down. (taco chulo is out there also - ridiculous quesadillas.)

  4. Won't you sort of just see them, milling around in their natural habitat?

  5. Ok not Williamsburg but cabbage vareniki and cheese covered pelmeni at Cafe Glechik in Brighton Beach. Yum.

  6. I second barcade - its crawling with authentic hipsters. Also Union Pool (484 Union Ave) - the bar has a photo booth (search union pool photo booth on flickr for a hipster preview) and the back yard has a view of the BQE, very hipster.

  7. Here are the not-yet-mentioned* restaurant/bars that I mostly like and that also have hipsters, starting in Southish Williamsburg and heading up to North Greenpoint:
    1. Cafe Moto
    2. Diner
    3. Miss Favela (less hipsterry and more international awesomeness, LOVE!, go when they have the Samba band)
    4. Supercore Cafe(This is more charmingly chilled-out and Japanese than hipsterry, but it's so nice, I had to mention it.)
    5. Virb coffee-house
    6. Fette Sau for BBQ
    7. Bozu for sushi
    8. Turkey's Nest for to-go margaritas to drink in McCarren Park and watch the hipster kickball games.
    9. Gutter for hipster bowling.
    10. Five Leaves
    11. Enid's
    12. Palace Cafe(kind of in the middle of nowhere, but fun divey bar)
    13. Grumpy's Cafe, home of the new $12 cup of coffee (but they have regular-priced coffee too)
    14. Brooklyn Label
    15. Pencil Factory
    16. Habitat (less hipsterry and more just really good food, drink, and atmosphere)
    17. The Mark Bar

    *I was so slow doing this, probably a bunch are now mentioned... God there are so many and there's so much more! Crazy.

  8. i hear all the hipsters like kiddie pools and miracle whip. maybe start there....or the fake 'stache store.


    for authentic viking fun.

    cute bar

    mini golf!

    Or just go hang out at the Brooklyn Brewery for the day and order in pizza.

  10. or if you don't want to pay for your pizza, alligator lounge does a free pie with every drink

  11. I manage a bar called Bushwick Country Club on Grand and Leonard. We'd love to have you visit! Photo booth, frozen vodka sweet tea, and mini golf. Woooh!
    Also, M Noodle Shop (on Metropolitan between Union and Lorimer) has great noodles and is open until 6am.. you know, in case you've very hungry after visiting all these recommended bars! And Roberta's on Moore between Bogart and White is super cool. They have awesome food, a radio station, a tiki bar, honey bees, and rooftop farms.
    Good luck and have fun!

  12. omfg I have ANONYMOUS HIPSTER READERS. I fucking love you guys.

  13. Five Leaves! I also like Alter.

  14. walk up and down bedford. watch some kickball in mccarren park. for some serious hipster viewing and shopping, buffalo exchange or beacons closet. newish bar nita nita has a nice backyard to stop for a drink and ignore the hipsters around you. really anywhere you go in williamsburg... in greenpoint, Enid's! Pencil Factory.

  15. oh and how could i forget alligator lounge??

  16. mkay, Pencil Factory was hip eight years ago. is it *really* still hip? just asking.

  17. I think it still is, actually. Although, to be honest, I rarely go there and I live near by. But that's really because I usually go places I can get food. And, oh my god, I can't believe I forgot about Papacito's!!! Mexican. That would be around Habitat in my tour list.

  18. Oh you will have fun!

    I live in Greenpoint and don't think it's too hipsterish here, save your Greenpointing for going to legitimately enjoyable spots like Dalaga, the Bakers Dozen, Brooklyn Label, and Habitat.

    As far as Williamsburg, just take a walk down Bedford and you'll see hundreds! Most bars and restaurants are fairly open too so you can do some hipster window shopping ;)

    Have fun!

  19. Union Pool!
    DuMont Burger!

  20. pleeease do not miss the re-opened pies & thighs on s. 4th and driggs. life-changing fried chicken, biscuits, collards, and banana cream pie.

    and there's a new, devastating (expensive) outpost of bird on grand st.

  21. is it really possible *not* to see hipsters?

    all i know is ben got that jacket that people often EMAIL me about (I don't get a lot of random blog emails) at the vintage/thrift/resale shop in williamsburg across from the brewery. next to, a skate shop?

  22. I can't believe you're hipster hunting and not stopping by Portland. Lame.

    Lame x 2 that you and Peonies are hanging out together and I'm sitting at home in my underwear drinking Tecate.

  23. We get more ladies asking for directions to Beacon's Closet than anywhere else. Personal favorites: Moon River Chattel, Portmanteau, Aurora, Roebling Tea Room, Motorino, Dressler, DOC Wine Bar, Dumont & Dumont Burger, Marlow & Sons, Mast Brothers Chocolate, Bedford Cheese Shop,Spoonbill & Sugartown, Stella Dallas (and their new home goods store), Modest Designs, Mine Metal, Hotel Delmano, M Noodle Shop & M Shanghai, Caracas, La Superior, Luddite, Le Grenier, Rose. Etc: Endless Summer Taco Truck, Saved Tattoo, Union Pool, Clem's, Fille de Joie, In God We Trust, Ugly Luggage, Lodge, McCarren Park, North 8th waterfront, North 4th waterfront, Main Drag Music, The Future Perfect. Please reveal yourself when you come to Catbird. Please.

  24. ESB, I may need a post solely dedicated to your definition of what a hipster is. I'm afraid I misuse the label, heaven forbid. Yeah, I could google that shit, but... why, when I could have your awesome commentary?

  25. fette sau is the best bbq in the area.
    roberta's is great - in bushwick.
    saltie is best lunch evah.
    egg for your locally-farmed breakfast.
    franklin ave is bumpin' now. seriously.
    10 ft. single is new cutie thrift.
    union pool has awesome taco truck in the back (you won't believe their patio now - beautiful.)

  26. No hipster am I, but, just got your mixtape in the mail and want to send a sincere thank you m'am for the lovely music. Yours will be in the mail soon...

  27. Is the term "authentic hipster" an oxymoron or is it fine?

  28. How refreshing! The question is usually not where CAN you spot them, but where can you NOT.

    So sorry i missed you. Boo. :(

  29. brooklyn bowl (bowling, concert, & gourmet food in one)
    a&g merch (awesome interior decorating store)
    diner (awesome seasonal brunch)
    charleston (beer + free pizza, with authentic artists bartending)
    soundfix (record store)
    brooklyn flea (a hipster flea market)

  30. I think I am late on this, but go to to see my post on all the yummy food spots I hit in Greenpoint/Williamsburg on my recent travels to Brooklyn.

  31. 5 Leaves for yummy oysters and dranks.