Saturday, May 1, 2010

BOO: Not just for the groom

Ted Danson, yesyesyes people, the father of the bride, is working this Band of Outsiders suit.

And Christina has a terrific tip: BOO runs small, so it works well for women who like to wear men's clothes.
Confederacy has a few things available online, or if you're in Los Angeles you can visit the store.


  1. wasn't he married to whoopi goldberg at one time?

  2. i've gotta say, the suit is fly, but HIS HAIR really pulls the look together.

  3. patty tried on that schoolboy blazer (with the piping) at confederacy. it was so. f*ing. hot.

  4. @christina okay, but let's keep in mind that PATTY is f*cking hot. I mean, what does she not look hot in?