Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Go ahead and try to tell me this is not the best version of a Bee Gees tune EVER RECORDED.

This cinematic version of the video is much cooler, but it doesn't seem to be embeddable. Plus there's kind of a letterbox-within-a-pillar-box thing going on since it was shot directly from someone's tv set. I ♥ YouTube.

p.s. I broke my video-embedding cherry! Do I get a cookie? A gluten-free cookie, obv.


  1. Ok, I am usually not at all a big fan of Faith No More, but this was pretty awesome.

  2. Ms. East Side, this post struck me hard. The reasons are twofold.

    1. I must have missed any other mention of your gluten intolerance. I am so proud to be on the same team!

    2. My cousin (once removed, I think)managed Faith No More for many years, so I get excited whenever someone I like likes them, too.

    In a word, this is rad.

    ~ Laura Miller White

  3. wow just watched the cinematic version while packing and getting ready ... was a bit melanchloic, huh?
    brilliant video, now i am in a weird mood, have to listen to something uplifting now.

  4. This is pretty awesome. But it also kind of makes me need to have a drink and a piece of chocolate to cheer back up. Oy.

  5. Love it! Haven't listened to Faith no More in a while, thanks for reminding me what I've been missing out on. Do the Girl Scouts make gluten free cookies? Hm.

  6. I'll make you some gluten free chocolate chip cookies with hidden nutritional boosters :) Even non-GFers have said that they're good.

  7. I have never heard of them, but I need to check them out. That video rocked.

    PS. how do you make those little hearts in the text?