Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cooler alternatives to Mr. Tux: The Follow Up

Hey ESB:

Just want to thank you and the ESB community for your help. Sorry for the delay - dove right back into grad school after our September wedding, and just thought of it now when asked for wedding blog recs... Attached pictures are from our fabulous photographer, Beth Fitzgerald of blush imagery. We were married at Snowvillage Inn in NH, and flowers were done by Carrie Scribner at Dutch Bloemen Winkel.

We went the custom route - after looking through the options (tho I missed the H&M one, oops) and running out of time to scour the shops, the guys decided they preferred spending a bit more for something nice they could wear again. We bought an assortment of red ties on sale at Macy's (we coordinated the fathers and brothers as well, saved being asked "what should I wear?" for the 10th time), had custom shirts made through 9 tailors, and those without black suits (or charcoal grey, or whatever) got them made at Indochino. [Featured on ESB here.] 

Heron splurged on a nice pink and grey plaid (also from Indochino) and found a maroon paisley tie to go with it. There were a few tailoring issues going over the web (Note: just b/c your fiancee is a professional engineer does NOT mean he is qualified to take his own measurements - find someone who actually sews), but service was good and it got fixed in time. Given that it's custom work, pricing was quite fair. All in all, we spent much more than planned but everyone was super happy with the results (and they are still wearing the suits). 

Thanks for putting us on the right path!



Holy shit. You mean you guys don't just write in for advice and then do whatever you were planning on doing anyway? You, like, actually listen to me?


  1. Alright, follow-through! The suits turned out great; awesome advice ESB.

  2. whoa whoa whoa.

    your brainy readers assisted, i would think. ahem.

  3. Heron is kind of an awesome name...

  4. "just b/c your fiancee is a professional engineer does NOT mean he is qualified to take his own measurements - find someone who actually sews"

    Thanks for bringing this up :)

    This doesn't just apply to finacees. You should always have someone else take your measurements if you want them to be right... the more experience they have w/ sewing the better... even I need to get someone else to do my measurements if I want them to be accurate.

    And you all look fantastic! What a great wedding.

  5. Hey, your advice was quite solid! Heron totally dug having his own "special outfit" (I think he actually put more time and money into it that I did mine!) and it all ended up looking nice. Yay!

  6. Heron IS an awesome name! :)

    Just to add some details if anyone's interested (because, really, it's ALWAYS in the details:

    - 9tailors shirt had french cuffs.. so I got all the guys typewriter key cuff links, each one with their initials [from QA Create via etsy]

    - Hard to see it but my watch is an Alessi Luna watch. simple and classy.

    - Shoes: Allen-Edmonds Weybridge in chili. Got them on sale and love them.

    That's it for groom-style I think. probably way to much time spent on this.

  7. Heron, you look SLAMMIN. your efforts were well worth it ;)