Monday, April 5, 2010

Blog of the Week(ish): even*cleveland

1. I've been known to rage against video embedded on blogs...but a whole mini mix tape greeted me on even*cleveland this rainy morning and it was just what I needed.

2. Stephanie posts the most terrific imaginary outfits. I still dream about this one in particular.

2a. She has terrific taste in jewelry. (In case you're ever seeking the perfect gift for me, it is, in fact, a Rat Jaw Ring.)

3. I straight-up stole her elegant, uber-long running list of labels.

4. Something about Stephanie's outlook on art and femalehood and living a creative life calms me down. Maybe that's why I've been drawn to her blog lately. 

"A Heavy Net" by Iwase Yoshiyuki via even*cleveland


  1. what a great find.
    its not able to calm me down right now though.
    would have been tooo easy ; )

    Beside the french intellectual outfit I am also in love with this:

  2. She's the best, man. The very best.

  3. I just stumbled across your blog and must tell you that I am in love. Thanks for putting things out there that are unique and fun - can never have too much inspiration!

  4. Hey!

    This has made my week, and it is only Monday. Thank you.

  5. loving her music picks, especially the pale fountains- just a girl.

    p.s. i am seriously digging the new index... very streamlined.

  6. #4, indeed, ESB. She weaves together a calm storm of beauty.

  7. Always enjoy reading new blogs - and yours!! xoxo

  8. she is the best.
    so underrated for her extrema level of awesomeness.

    inspiration site for me.

  9. I love her blog. Confession - I found her as a...pingback (?) bc she once linked to catbirdnyc. Also i admire a blog that doesn't need comments. I am not that blog.

  10. neither am i.

    comments nourish me.

    I'm starving lately.


  11. the sunday morning monster mix just made my friday afternoon.. thanks to the boths of ya.