Monday, August 3, 2009

brooklyn wedding full of JOY!

I hope you can forgive me the pun. I mean, just look at the photos from Joy and Michael's wedding. (Okayokay. H-town and my first anniversary is this Sunday, and I am turning into an enormous sap.)

Anyhoo, here are the details Joy sent me last night:

overall i have to say planning our wedding was so fun, i found great people and let them do their thing.. our venue, Smack Mellon Gallery, was perfect and set the tone... our caterer, Kaegan Welch couldn't have been more spot on- not to mention that he and all of his peeps that assisted were devastatingly good looking.. our photographer, Kim was so fun.. ended up hanging out with us for the afterparty- love her! and our DJ, Barlow came to the rescue at the last minute and rocked!

it ended up being more of a party that just happened to start with a ceremony.. no bouquets, no sit down dinner- we didn't even have tables and chairs! no toasts, no toss, no cutting, no wedding cake... our ceremony was short and sweet: we had our friend marry us, my brother played a rock n roll wedding march on his electric as i walked down the aisle, readings from sex & the city and juno, and the dj played MIA 'Swagga Like Us' for our big exit..

the party was cocktail style- we filled the room with wood benches, giant cozy ottomans, lavender and organic cotton plants.. our caterer passed food all night and set up various stations as the evening went on.. including a table for all of the King Crab my dad brought (he's a crab fisherman in AK).. for dessert we had several cakes (PBJ was the best) and a cheesecake bar!.. at one point my dad grabbed the mic and rocked his harmonica with a wedding blues song he wrote for us.. oh and can we talk about how god damned cute boyfriend's nephew is.. he was the mini-me-michael with the long ass hair!

boyfriend played a slideshow he had put together- he had spent weeks having all of my friends and random strangers give wedding wishes on a giant homemade speech bubble.. fn hilarious! (Editor's note: I love that Joy still calls Michael "boyfriend.")

we had around 50 wedding crashers show up for the last hour and head to the after party with us..


(Photos by Kimberly Craven)


  1. LOVE the speech bubble idea! great for a guest book too

  2. Soooo fun. I havnt been to a damn wedding yet this year. No fair.

    Anniversary. !!!!!! Camping????

  3. Thanks for the follow up on this beauty couple. Totally inspiring for an amazing party (wedding)!! ya

  4. No one on the corner got swagga like them.

    You were right, boyfriend's fine.

  5. Maybe I will get a tattoo after all.

  6. i'll have that wedding, please.
    with love,
    your hairdresser

  7. WHOA JOY. You got a comment from my stylist!!

  8. i was smitten with miss joy when she invited you to crash her wedding... her handwriting is to die for!

    her wedding certainly did not disappoint. loved it.

    p.s. those don't happen to be bamboo plates they used? i've been looking for an inexpensive version for my reception!

  9. so flattered!! and a comment from your stylist.. love that!! this inspired me to sit down and look through my pics! i'll get some fun stuff up sooner or later.. still heart your guts!
    iheartkiwi.. i'll shoot you details asap..

  10. i don't like to play favorites.

    but this one's my favorite.

  11. whats wrong with me? why is it so addictive and great to look at other peoples wedding whatever! this wedding looks like fun!

  12. Rarely do other people's weddings make me jealous. Or pray mine'll be that cool. But day-yum!!