Friday, July 31, 2009

Sneak Peek: This groom is fine*

And as you will see, he knows a little something about starting off with a vest and a tie and a jacket, and then taking off the jacket as the evening progresses.

You may remember that I snuck-peeked this wedding ages ago. Well, the professional photos are finally in! Will have em up Monday. Or, y'know, Tuesday.**

Photo by Kimberly Craven

*I mean that in the seventh-grade sense of the word.

Hey, I'm not just a wedding blogger.


  1. Love your use of the word 'fine'. I think I'd prefer if you were just a wedding blogger though. Selfishly. Cause then maybe I could be just a (whatever it is my blog's about these days) blogger. Really annoying sometimes to have to have a day job, don't you think?