Friday, August 28, 2009

Topanga Wedding

Hey there,

In the months leading up to the wedding I regularly visited your blog for trusted bursts of inspiration. It was a pleasure to escape the hellish wedding magazine culture and find a place dedicated to like-minded brides. So, I suppose this is my little way of giving back...

The ceremony took place at the
Topanga Community House (site of the annual Topanga Days music festival). We were lucky enough to share the ceremony with some goats hired to clean brush around the grounds this summer. They were a great audience - their BAAAing throughout the ceremony kept everyone from getting emotional (yay!).

I turned some craft birds from Michael's into a bride and groom to top the cake & had a groom's cake made in the image of Darth Vader for Mark, my Star Wars-loving hubby. We nixed the idea of a traditional wedding party and instead had our sisters accompany us at the alter adorned in matching Milly dresses (in different colors). Most of the pictures were taken by Mollie Jane Photography. The flowers were provided by my friend Rebecca at Lily Pad Floral Design, and help was provided by another dear friend who is starting up her own event planning company, Jen Peterson Events.

There were wildflowers, vintage doilies, mason jars, mismatched plates & silverware, bluegrass music, a country band (Old Californio featuring Dave Gleason), a kids table (which I highly recommend! ..kept them busy all night!!), a candy buffet, my vintage dress and headpiece from Paris 1900, and a delectable buffet from Joan's on Third - all of which came together to create a truly memorable evening! Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and we heard over and over that the wedding was just so "you guys," which made us feel like the mission was accomplished!

Thanks again,

Hell. Yes.


  1. darth vader cake, DARTH VADER CAKE!!!!!

  2. All the recent popular barn-style weddings clearly missed the most important authentic detail of all - goats. Screw the mason jars, odd trash-and-scrub-eating animals are clearly the new trend.

  3. Could that bride be any prettier?!

  4. absolutely stunning wedding. simple, warm, memorable -- high five to the bride!

  5. You know how I feel about baby goats.


  6. lovely! I love mason jars of wildflowers on shepards hooks.. swoon.

    ps- found your blog through Tea and Whimsy... i have a blog of my own and I'm running a giveaway right now if you are interested:

  7. Hey, I just found your blog and wanted to say how much I love it! I referenced you on my blog even. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  8. oh i love this...although i'm a total sucker for all manner of hippie wedding.

  9. Was the cost of the venue tax deductible as a community house?