Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Speaking of brides and giant flowers....

Traci emailed me with this question:

I just started reading your blog and I LOVE IT. I love your use of expletives. And I love your (sometimes brutal) honesty. Your posts about hating engagement sessions and balloons makes me sad though because I used red balloons in our photos because it had meaning to us. My fiance popped out of a six foot red balloon to propose to me. It was pretty fucking awesome. I hope you don't judge me because I don't hate things that you say fuck this to. :)

I have a bride style question for you because I love your style. I am wearing a simple dress with a sweetheart (strapless) neckline with a big bow in the back (but no beading, lacing, or adornments). I am planning on wearing a necklace with a lace applique, similar to one you showed in a previous post, but in black:

I am not planning on wearing a veil and I am going to wear my short black hair down. Do you have any suggestions for what to wear in my hair? Would a big flower be overkill?

First of all Traci, I would never judge anyone for disagreeing with me. I love a good disagreement. And did I say I was over balloons?? That must have been weeks ago.

As for your hair dilemma, I think a big mess of FEATHERS would look vintage-y and fabulous with your short hair. Much cooler than a (yawn) big flower. This headpiece is by Sara Gabriel:

(Photos of Melissa by Weddings by Two
via 100 Layer Cake. You may recall that Melissa's husband also has good style.)

I would also like someone to get married in the "she enjoys shakespeare in the park" by because it reminds me of Jane Birkin. Who doesn't wanna look like Jane Birkin?


  1. Although I'm still a flower-head lover, I love esb's idea of the big feather collection in your hair like the picture shown. It would really compliment the bow in the back of your dress and look fantastic with your short hair.

    I think the flower + bow might be overkill but the feathers would serve as a fun compliment instead.

  2. feathers are TOTALLY the new big-ass-flower!
    although i, for one, am going the old fashioned route and will not be wearing anything on my head other than my veil. *gasp*

  3. I love the asymmetrical lace necklaces.

  4. Ahh, love it, esb! I'm over the flower and moving on to feathers. Thank you for your help and your always fabulous fashion sense.

    Kaitli, the necklace is from etsy seller treeandkimball.

  5. that necklace is awesome... and i love a bride with short hair!

    i bought's "annie get your gun" feather's and a brooch. still trying to work up the guts to actually wear it .

  6. whatev.

    this is the already discussed problem of blogging.

    just cause you have seen a million brides on blogs in big flowers is a sad reason not to wear one on your day if you are into it. unless it has really ruined it for *you* [and no, so not over kill]

    how many actual weddings have you been to involving oversized flowers on heads?

    i mean, feathers are effing everywhere too.

    just sayin.

    love you cause we can disagree.

    also, i am in support of annnything by

    also, i love the thing serena was wearing in the first episode of season 2 gossip girl.

    done now. xo.

  7. i always forget to click the little "email follow up" button.


    only i'd take off the silly elastic strap and use bobby pins.

    tho i'm in full support of both big flowers and feathers.

  9. trendy + cheap is not what we're about, Liz. you should know better.

    plus it drives me BONKERS that women over 21 shop at that store. butyouknowiloveyou.

  10. plus it drives me BONKERS that women over 21 shop at that store. butyouknowiloveyou.

    from your lips to my entire damn industry's ears, lady.

  11. love the necklace.
    agree with nicole though - the necklace is such a lovely, unique piece - feathers might be overkill.
    maybe something simple in your hair?

  12. lauren, my fave line from United States of Tara: "Where does she shop? Forever 36?"

    Go Diablo. Slash Brooke.

  13. booo. twentythree is almost twentyone. i'm still in.

    and also, we dont have forever21's near me. i didnt know i was being trendy. dammit. foiled again.

  14. I want that exact feather headpiece that you posted from Sarah Gabriel but can't find it on the website. Do you know the name of it?

  15. I'm not sure, julia. But it looks like you have to go into a brick & mortar store to purchase. So you should try a bunch on!

  16. I wore a blue lace pillbox hat/birdcage veil thing with a big mess of feathers on it, and it was totally awesome. I had to go over my now husband's head, because feathers freak him out a little due to an unfortunate run-in he once had with a parrot, but whatever, he didn't even notice on the day. There's a good picture of the feathers here (the third pic) if you want to take a gander: