Friday, May 8, 2009

So, that happened.

I didn't so much achieve my goal as reach the end of the time allotted... But anyhoo.

It's four o'clock. It's effing hot in here. I'm gonna take a cold bath and drink a whiskey on the rocks. Maybe watch Grey's while I do it. Anybody have a problem with that?

Wishing I smoked cigarettes (though really they just give me a headache),*
East Side

(Image via Life in Lomo)

*This sign off is an homage to bohemian hellhole. I love her sign offs. And I've determined that she's got better taste than Decorno. So there.


  1. good thing you don't smoke. it's gross.

    it's ok you didn't stay away ... we need you!

  2. Hello. Again. Glad you are back.

  3. wtf? no grey's anatomy this week?!

    p.s. hi!

  4. God I wish we had a bath. I'd like to drink whiskey in the bath.

  5. It's nothing fancy, but it holds water. And if I leave the bathroom door open, I can gaze at the tv in the living room.


  6. i've got no room to talk but i much rather you be here than out there meetin' deadlines.

  7. OMG. Decorno.

    I'm a little starstruck over here, I'm not gonna lie.

  8. smoking is my fav, but gives me headaches too.. had to give it up. but whiskey on the rocks sounds fab right now.