Saturday, May 23, 2009

An ode to my stylist

Who totally gets it when I reference Patti Smith and ask for a cut that looks like I did it myself. Except, you know, amazing. (Alexis coined the term "box cutter chic" while I was sitting in her chair.)

Who listens patiently while I obsess about the tiniest hair issues. (Is it too straight across in the back...? This piece is curving under when it should be sticking out... It's not "sleeping on" as well as the haircut you gave me two haircuts ago...)

And who gave me, when I stopped in for a bang trim, what can only be construed as a badass effing HAIRCUT. No charge.

Photo of Patti Smith and her stylist Robert Mapplethorpe found here. When I complained that Patti always looked so good when she cut her own hair, Alexis brought me down to earth, assuring me that Robert would have been the one doing the cutting.


  1. Yeah I have a great guy too. Who as an extra is handsome and snarky and funny as hell. Always shocks whoever is sitting in the next chair.

  2. In my head again. As you'll see next week. What's up with that?

  3. She actually cut this herself, after someone told her she looked like Joan Baez. She mimicked a photo of Keith Richards. (Just read her book, Just Kids.)