Thursday, May 14, 2009

It must be wedding season, people.

I just got another groom style emergency email, from the adorable Amy (of i loved you first...):

i need some help.
i don't want my fiance wearing a suit or a tux on our wedding day.
it isn't our personality or style i feel like.
is that okay?
we bought a vest instead.
so he'll be wearing a grey vest, grey pants, plaid grey/black Vans (skate shoes), black tie, white pin-striped collared shirt, and green striped socks.
what do you think?
our wedding is in 19 days.
we live in Hawaii.
shopping is pretty difficult out here and we don't get too dressed up out here.
it's been rather stressful looking, and trust me, i've looked a lot.
oh and shipping takes FOREVER.
i'll be wearing a white wedding dress with purple heels.
we aren't doing a super traditional wedding either.
what do you suggest?
i just don't know what to do or what to think.
i'm stuck.

Amy, I say f*ck the tie. This guy:

Doesn't need it.

Of course it's okay if he doesn't wear a suit. Vest, pants, shirt, vans (!!) all sound hot to me. And since purple and green are your favorite colors, go on with the green socks.

Don't bother to weigh in, you guys. I know I nailed this one. Do feel free to say, "ESB, you're a genius!"

Bob Dylan image found here. Yes I plan to continue calling in the rock icons for backup on groom style questions. Got a problem with that?


  1. 1) you ARE a genius. 2) I hope this person sends you photos from their wedding because it sounds like it's going to be awesome.

  2. I really think you're a groom style guru! I've sent over many a man friend to your blog.

  3. genius!
    loving the whole vans/ skater thing.

  4. "ESB, you're a genius!"

    I do agree that a wedding day should represent the individuals. So yay, for sans suit. Also....check out my blog, as you may have won something lovely :)

  5. keep on summoning style from the rock icons... i like it.

  6. I just got a really swelled head and then I remembered that I *told* you to tell me I'm a genius.

    Oh well.

  7. that's my guy (er, dylan) i model all my style choices on 63-74 dylan. yup!

  8. I have got to stop reading your posts at work. That was laugh out loud funny! You nailed it!

  9. My ego is *huge* today. Maybe I should tell you guys what to say every time.

  10. I knew this was gonna be good as soon as I saw Bob. My fiance said he would totally rock a vest...if he were in "vest shape." Bob would totally be my inspiration for that kind of look. Good call.

  11. By suit, you really mean 'suit jacket'. I will take a groom in a tie and vest and no jacket over the "relaxed" jacket-and-no-tie combo any day.

  12. I don't mean to be a bitch or anything, but you appear to be "weighing in," lupinbunny. Your instructions were to tell me I'm a genius.

  13. Genius. Uh huh. V clever lady. And pretty too. And witty and wise.

  14. Word.

    oh right, and you're a genius? that was what I was supposed to say right?

  15. what they all said.

    I wish some more English grooms would look at other options before opting for the very bad/cheap version of a morning suit. My pet peeve for groom related clothing. {It could never be called style}

  16. raaaadical! thanks for the inputs/advice!

    ESB, true GENIUS.

    i'll be sure to send in some gnarly pictures!