Thursday, May 7, 2009

omg i miss you guys

I've been cheating. Just a little. Every so often I peek at your comments and it's such a relief to know you miss me too.

I'm terrified to linger in gmail though. Joy busted me via instant message on day one (thx, lady). I don't even know how that works. How do you see me?

(Photo of Alber Elbaz by Tim Walker via scout holiday. New Yorker article here.)


  1. your blog makes me blog.

  2. you've left a void... please come back soon.

  3. yes! come back soon, dude.

    we miss you big time.

  4. I miss you, too, so you better be getting lots of work done.

    And how fab (rad?) is that photo of Alber Elbaz? I'm gonna put the InterWeb down & go read the New Yorker, dammit.

  5. miss you so much! your blog is my starting point every day!!
    btw.. a little green light pops up next to your name..

  6. You need to block that gmail chat thing lady. Go stealth. I'm stealth on my blog email for sure. All about it.

    We miss you too. Siiiiigggghhhh. But it is FRIDAY so soon you will be back!

  7. heehhee! Welcome back. I missed you.

    those email things that tell other people if you're online freak me out.

    Great picture.