Sunday, May 10, 2009

For my mom

Who taught me how to read, spelling out the words with her purple felt tip pen.

Who gave me room to develop my own sense of style, and never forced me to brush my hair.

Who is my favorite film critic. (We will forever disagree on Something's Gotta Give, but either I'm being stubborn or she's being sentimental. Probably both.)

Who dances in the supermarket. And stays up past two reading The New York Times.

Who is more likely to say "Yes!" than "No." Sometimes I have to be reminded to say yes.

I love you, mom.

(Image found here)


  1. Lovely.

    When I was a young mother, I found myself saying," No" all the time, without even thinking. I bought myself a sterling silver key chain with a charm on it. The charm was a trapezoid engraved with the word, "Yes". If your mom didn't need the keychain, good on her.

  2. very sweet! this sort of stuff makes me think it's ok to celebrate 'hallmark holidays'

  3. :)

    Happy mother's day american mummies.

  4. Love her expression in that photo.

  5. Oh, your so much better at this then I am. Cheers to your mom!

  6. really nice. question is: did she buy you the slammin' blue shoes for your birthday?

  7. hee hee. I just submitted a photo for her consideration.

  8. i love to hear ( or read) how people describe their loved ones!

  9. You make me smile;) So sweet.