Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What the f* is mountain casual? (WARNING: LANGUAGE)

While we're on the topic, What Possessed Me has shared her insight about going to a Colorado wedding where the bride (a former model) and the groom (stylish and domesticated) attempted to dictate the dress code...

P: (Overreacting) What the fuck is mountain casual? I live in New York! I don't do casual!

F: I have no fucking idea.

P: Fuck! What the fuck?

F: Whatever. Just bring a bathing suit. They have a hot tub.

P: (Pacing) Are you fucking kidding me? A hot tub? With a bunch of models in Mountain Casual bikinis? You have just described my worst nightmare.

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  1. See. Thatswhatimsaying. "Semi-formal" people know what the f*ck that means. Festive semi casual moutain cocktail attire, in jewel tones? That just set you up for failure.

  2. This is the funniest thing I've heard all day. Definitely laughed out loud.

    And because I live in CO, I've been to many mountain casual weddings.

  3. I love you forever for posting this. You just made my Tuesday.

  4. F*cking brides.

    Mountain casual. Only a bride could come up with that.

  5. Mountain Casual? I would have called the bride and asked What kind of f'ing wedding is it...LOL

    love the blog

  6. Okay, I've loved your blog for a few months now and this just confirmed it. You are awesome. Thanks for this ridiculous tidbit.

  7. Oh, you mean "bohemian desert chic" wasn't cool to put on my invites? what? j/k.


  8. LOL!!
    Shit, I live in Texas and I'd be confused too! (I'd be really tempted to wear jeans... hey, mountain casual, right??)

    You are so funny! Thanks for bringing smiles to our faces!

  9. It's business casual, but a little rugged. Sometimes called canyon casual in the SW.