Friday, September 26, 2008

um, how do we feel about twitter?

Srsly. I'm v tempted to try it. But intimidated, I have to admit. Wired offered some advice in the August issue that has been holding me back:

"Every single Twitter post you write should be something that could get you laid, ruin a marriage, or bring a tear to a fat little kid's eye." - Joshua Allen

"Don't answer, 'What are you doing?' Be funny. Be brief (duh). Leave your lunch unpublished. Ditto your late plane. Incomplete sentences." - Jason Kottke

"Don't try to impress - just be yourself. But go a little beyond your comfort zone; share something you're hesitant about sharing." - Evan Williams

Too much pressure? But I just looked at Jason Kottke's feed, and he twittered about his deep fried Oreo lunch on September 12. Maybe I'm ready to play with the big boys after all.

(Image: "The neighborhood" by Rudat)


  1. ! Join!

    I don't really post anything that could hurt someone or ruin something. I'm pretty boring actually! 9Im sure my followers agree!)

  2. Email me if you join, I'll give you my super secret feed. I do try to be clever and uncensored, I'm not going to lie, but it's WAY too uncensored to be public!

    And, twitter makes my day at the office.

    Oh, and they started a new twitter election feed which is addictive as hell.

  3. um, meg, fabulous!

    polka, maybe you need to f* it up a little :)