Thursday, September 18, 2008

I don't believe in astrology, but turns out I believe in Colorstrology

This is a new tool designed by Pantone to keep me from getting anything done this morning.

I'm amazed, I have to say. Bright orange is my favorite color. I feel lucky when I wear it. And now Colorstrology tells me wearing orange "reminds you to take action and not get caught up in the world of ideas."

Gotcha. I'll put on an orange t-shirt and turn off the internet.

Via the one I am stalking.


  1. I'm really upset because my color is ca-ca. It's this horrible pea soup green. I keep clicking around to shop for other birth dates so I can have a good color.

  2. 'You have an unusual depth of purpose that has to be channeled.'

    yup, that's my problem! :D

  3. Orange makes you hungry. True story. Seriously look around at the fast food joints... Most logos have orange, or yellow and red. McDonald's, Burger King, Harvey's, A&W, Arby's... Coincidence? I think NOT! lol