Saturday, September 20, 2008

we saved this string for you

This oh my deer post made me smile.

H-town loves to save things and I love to get rid of them. I think because my stepfather loved to save things. Like keys to god-knows-what and rusty washers and gross earplugs and pennies pennies pennies. In bowls all over the house. (And that's just the small stuff.)

Anyhoo, it makes for an interesting dynamic around the bungalow.

(lifting a bottle filled with soapy water)
Did you want to save this soy sauce bottle?

Yes. It won't take up any space.

(gazing at the sea of other dirty
dishes I don't feel like washing)
Okay.... It's just, I'm trying to reduce clutter.

(motioning towards the stack of wedding
gifts I'm pondering returning)
Why don't you deal with that?

I won't try to reproduce our conversation about whether or not rags should be washed and reused. I like to think I'm pretty green, but.... Eew.


  1. This is very funny, I had a similar situation with my stepmother and an opposite with my stepfather. Stepmom - why do you need to keep every coolwhip container? Do you have that many leftovers?
    Stepdad - why are you throwing out all of that stuff that looks brand new? Too funny.

  2. Um, yeah. I have many many similar conversations with my fiancee. He keeps everything. Sometimes it's for "sentimental reasons" (like that tiny ass empty bottle of Jack, that I'm not sure of the story behind...), sometimes he keeps things because "they might be useful sometime" (like in 5 years, after you've forgotten that you have it), and sometimes because he's LAZY (like all the crap he is still STILL going through after moving in to our house 2 years ago).

    When you live in a small space, unfortunately you just can't keep a lot of stuff. But then, at least you don't have a lot of junk around you - you only end up with what you truly use and what you truly love.

    And re-using rags?? Like paper towels? That is an ewwwww....