Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here's another pregs-y one you'll like....

Dear ESB,

Help! I am pregnant and need a super chic, special cocktail dress to wear to a friend's early April wedding here in NYC.

By the time her big day rolls around I will be just about 8 months (I'm due in early May). I'm a girl who loves her cocktail dress and heels and so far have not been able to find anything that will fit both my belly and my style. I am normally quite petite ( 5'5" size 0-2), and really have only gotten big in the boobs and the belly area. Most maternity dress options I have found just are not special enough.

Just because I am pregnant does not mean I am willing to give up my style! I would love to find something sexy, chic and all around awesome to wear that night. I am not afraid of color, prints or embellishments and would be grateful for any idea that do not resemble a tent or you typical ruched down the sides fitted, jersey maternity dress. Boring!

Please help!

Preggers and Fashion Deprived



I mean. Right?


At top: Roisin Murphy photographed by Dancian and styled by Sarah Bachs for Zoo Magazine via Fashion Gone Rogue


  1. I like the Lanvin, but will an 8-months-pregnant belly fit in it?

    This might be too boring, but it looks very flattering.

  2. What's your style? What's your budg?

  3. Love that Lanvin, but my 8-month pregnant self would not have fit into that (though I'm not a size 0-2, and i fully embraced the "eating for two" mentality)... I would do a very simple black dress (asos has a variety of them - nothing special, but inexpensive) and then add killer jewelry and shoes. You'll wear awesome jewelry again post-baby - you might not wear a maternity dress so much so I'd spend my money on accessories instead of finding a great dress.

  4. Damn. I want both of those ASOS dresses for my non-pregnant self.

  5. Drapey dresses galore! Also, a lot of one-shoulder dresses are draped from the top, so are belly-friendly. Here are the ones I came across, some of which may or may not work depending on how big your tummy is:


    mutli-colored Missoni Mare

    Gemoetric patterend BCBG

    Fusia floral
    Halston Heritage
    (For the adventurous!)


    Orange mini Plein Sud

    Purple Carmen Marc Valvo

  6. Like Auste mentioned, you might not want to drop tons on a maternity dress, so Rent the Runway could be a good option. This one might be too tent-ish for you, but I like the bold color.
    If you want to buy, this BCBG seems both fun and doable as well

  7. having just entered the 8 months or so realm of pregnancy, i am not so sure about non-maternity things at this stage. i have made as many non-maternity things work for as long as possible, but for a dress ... i don't know.

    i'd wear this, plus it's on sale.