Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Patti Smith by Lynn Goldsmith (an outtake from the cover shoot for Easter, 1978) via TIME

I really should have saved this photo for the day I finally retire the blog. Does it not perfectly sum up All That Is East Side Bride?


  1. First of all YES!!! This photo is your mascot. Secondly, thanks to unfounddoor for the link. That made my day:

    Be free from all deception
    Be safe from bodily harm
    Love without exception
    Be a saint in any form.

  2. My best friend just read (well listened to) Just Kids and will NOT shut up about it.

  3. Really, really great photo. You may already have heard it, but Patti Smith guest DJd a recent episode of the All Songs Considered podcast. I loved it.

  4. Now you can't retire the blog. Way to spoil a good ending.

  5. Yeah, I agree with Rob - I really don't think you should ever retire the blog. (I got married 6 years ago, so clearly I'm not reading this just for the wedding advice)