Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What do I do with the dress I never wore?

Thank you for posting my last question to you (I wrote about not being sure about the guy I was engaged to). Ultimately, we broke up. I've remained a reader- despite not being a prospective bride any longer and have enjoyed your blog ever since.

When I thought I was getting married I got excited and bought a vintage wedding dress online. I never showed it to anyone, and only told my best friend (and my ex-fiance). When things fell apart I just shoved the dress back into its box and haven't opened it since (2.5 years).

Is it weird to keep the dress? I'm a fairly superstitious person, so it sort of feels like bad luck. On the other hand: I love it and it was only $250. But I'm frightened of being some strange spinster with a wedding dress in my closet, like a Miss Havisham who didn't even make it down the aisle.

What do you think?

Many thanks.

Hopefully Not Havisham


Give it away.

You won't meet your (new) dream guy until you do.

Marina Nery by Billy Kidd via c ktnon via dubbu


  1. Give it away? As in, leave it at the Goodwill?

    I think it would be okay to just put it back on Ebay...

  2. Ebay, lady! Ebay. Put $250 (or more...why not sell it for more, ya know?) back in your pocket and then go blow it on something awesome.

  3. What Tonia said. 100 times what Tonia said. (The 'reply' link wouldn't work for me for some reason). Sell it, buy yourself some fabulous shoes (or a jacket, or a beret) and think of the awesome decision you made whenever you wear it.

    BTW - the awesome decision was emailing ESB in the first place :)

  4. Yeah, I'm with ESB, you can't keep it.
    Ebay it.
    or Craig's List it.
    Get it out of your closet.

  5. Oh man, any chance you can repurpose the dress? Dye it, hack it up, make it into your "I made a good choice and this is a party dress and my life turned out to be PRETTY GREAT" dress?

    Because otherwise, yeah...ditch it on ebay.

  6. PICTURES!!!
    My sister-in-law is looking for a dress (vintage)!

    here's my email:

    **IF you decide to sell!

  7. My sister had a broken engagement and re-wore the wedding dress. I thought it was strange, but she loved the dress and wanted to keep it. Her (real) wedding seems pretty successful 3 years out, so I don't think keeping the dress has to be a bad thing.

    Just putting this out there to give a different perspective. Personally, I would try to sell it.

  8. Give it away. Rid yourself of the bad juju. xo

  9. I'm all for ebaying it. There's a reason it's been in the box for over two years--you don't need it around. Use the money for an awesome splurge.

  10. Yeah, Ebay then take your best friend out for a fancy meal and drinks with the proceeds.

  11. I actually agree that, especially if you are superstitious about these things, the best thing you can do is give it away to someone really deserving. With just a little bit of looking I am sure you could find a wonderful recipient who will cherish your dress and will give you all the good karma you could ever ask for. In fact, it is a longstanding tradition in Jewish culture for people to donate money to pay for weddings for the poor as an act of charity, with the hope that it will bring wedding-related blessings to their family (that is, of course, an oversimplification of the belief - please don't yell at me for getting it wrong). I love this idea, and I feel like the mental and emotional benefits you would gain by giving the dress to, say, a charity which supports LGBT brides and grooms who may not have family support, would far outweigh the money you'd get on ebay.