Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where can I find a gray wedding gown?

Dear ESB,

I am hoping to get a bit of help from you and your readers when it comes to wedding gown selection.

My fiancé and I have been engaged for two and a half years and we have an adorable two year old son together. We are so happy to finally be at a place in our relationship where we can make our commitment to one another official. Our wedding will be a small, around 50 people, January wedding and will include a religious ceremony followed by a restaurant dinner.

Our families both take tradition very seriously and I would prefer not to wear a white gown out of respect for others. Most wedding gowns have two color choices, ivory and white. What I am looking for is a long gray gown that is elegant, fashionable, and young.

My budget is about $2500.


It turns out gray gowns are not easy to find. Even in the TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR RANGE. Who knew?

But. I wrote another letter to our lady Leanne Marshall and this time she answered! She said she'd be happy to make this lovely number in gray. In fact, she said "Gray seems to be the popular new 'it' color for wedding gowns."

Consider yourself ahead of the curve.

(You can message Leanne through etsy to discuss the dets.)


p.s. Elizabeth Dye's Tempest also comes in pale grey. (I was trying to be consistent with the gray/grey thing but I just effed myself. Oh well.)


  1. Dear God, that's gorgeous.

    I demand that the bride buy it in gray and post pictures immediately so I can see what it looks like.

  2. The email didn't say if it had to be a wedding gown or just a formal gown worn at a wedding. If the later is an option, here are my suggestions:
    Might be a little casualer, but I think it is still stunning.
    A tiny over your budget, but it's definitely a grey fancy gown.
    How does "neutral" stand in your book. It's not white or off white. Not quite grey though. Shucks. If this didn't have sleeves, I'd be wearing it to my own wedding (although the sleeves for you might be perfect for a January wedding!).

  3. I'm not sure how important having an actual 'gown' is to you, but you could always try bridesmaids dresses that could be ordered in white if you can't fine any wedding gowns that work for you. Some lines of bridesmaid dresses are fairly comparable to wedding gowns as far as style goes, their price is way better, and if you wanted more volume or detailing, you could always find a seamstress to add those extras for you.

  4. *Oops, sorry, I meant to say bridesmaids dresses that could be ordered in gray.

  5. Old-Hollywood style:

    Simple & elegant:

    Romantic (don't know who made this dress, but it's BEAUTIFUL. Chelsea might be able to help you:


    Love the idea of a gray dress!!!!

  6. @Tonia perhaps you're not aware of the NO J CREW rule here on esb?

  7. I tried on a Jenny Yoo dress in gray/grey. It's considered a bridesmaid's dress so it's way cheaper than a wedding gown. It was my 2nd choice. Sarah Seven can do any color too.

  8. cookies, you just had a "dear esb" about standing up to a hater on behalf of j.crew.

  9. And THAT is what we call the hookup.

  10. Saja bridesmaids dresses come in grey and are gorge.

  11. This is all kinds of amazing... duh, it's by Kate Towers:

    Yes, to Jenny Yoo! I love Margaux in "slate":

    Nicole Miller's glamorous gunmetal:

    This one may be too dark, but it's a stunner!

    Good luck! There is sooo much out there!

  12. That dress is gorgeous. I kind of want it to wear around the house. (Since I rarely leave.)

    (How do you always find the best pictures?)

  13. Not that it's much help, but I have an authentic Edwardian wedding dress which is grey - apparently, someone made white fashionable a lot later. The jacket has pouffy sleeves. And for some reason it has two skirts. Maybe in case of an accident...?
    Anyway, you're in good - ancient, company!

    Allthough I don't get the only virgins wear white thing myself... Did I misunderstand?

  14. i think i will cry if this bride doesn't go the custom route. there's really no reason to buy off the rack with that kinda budget. love the leanne and sarah seven suggestions.

  15. *although i did just see the wedding is in january, so THAT may be your only justification for not going custom. ;)

  16. that dress is gorg. so is grey




  17. Oh man I *never* get the do-over urge re my wedding but I totally wish I'd got married in pale grey. F'in beautiful and totally rad. Pictures, please?

  18. Maggie Sottero has almost 30 dresses that come in silver (they offer a color search):

    loveee this Nicole Miller:

  19. so I know how esb feels about jcrew, BUT I'll take my chances because this is actually really pretty.

    And inexpensive. (and would leave plenty of $$ for more fun things you'd like. Whether that be shoes, or the honeymoon.)

  20. sorry to beat a dead horse, but Jcrew actually has some nice options in a lovely shade of grey.

  21. Maybe something like this?

  22. or

  23. (change region to UK to see anna's picks)

  24. Oh, my bad. I always assume to guys get all the good stuff!