Wednesday, December 8, 2010

slab wedding rings

I can't decide if these are too slab-y?

By seb-brown via all the mountains... (with thanks to jamie once again for the tip)


In other news, I was on the fence about BILLY BRIDE's rings until I saw them on every single mothereffing blog on the planet. But yeah. Now that this one is sold out, I can't stop thinking about it. 


  1. not too slabby if i do say so myself

    pun intended

  2. oooh, not slabby. i love the geometry of those rings!

  3. no, no. not too slabby AT ALL.

  4. I can never decide what I think about a ring until I actually try it on (or at least see it on someone elses hand) - then I can make up my mind straight-away!

  5. not slabby at all. i love these...jeez.

  6. melbourne designers always make wondrous things! :D (hometown solidarity!)

    and i don't think they're too slabby at all, i'm tempted to go look at them this weekend...

  7. i don't really know what slab-y means but i like them.

    and billy bride's rings sell out FAR TOO QUICKLY for my liking.

  8. I have just seen a pretty similar one in a shop in London and loved it. The man loved it as well and even tried it on.
    I think its a style that looks stunning on men as well.
    (it wasn't labeled as wedding ring!)