Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Merry, you guys.

I plan to stay off the blogs until the new year, but I'll be tweeting now and then (and thinking of you fondly).

Photo by you fail via @TeenAngster

p.s. Should you care to eat chocolate chip cookies until you feel ill, I highly recommend this recipe from Gluten-Free Girl. My dad keeps saying, "They're just as good as any regular chocolate chip cookie." And he takes his chocolate chip cookies very seriously.


  1. merry merry to YOU, lady.
    blizzard tonight, right? hope you guys are snuggled in tight!

  2. Happy holidays! Relax and enjoy yourself.

    I am going to try that cookie recipe out on my gluten loving husband. I am not even going to tell him they're gluten-free. They sound amazing!

  3. merry christmas to you as well. enjoy the time off :)

  4. that tree is a first sighting for me. i totally dig it. happy holidays!

  5. Dear ESB + readers, please look at this... (sorry me again posting wedding links, I know it's your job and you do it much better, but they are F***ING GREAT)

  6. I hope you had a nice Christmas! :)