Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I could make this, right?

Minus the fishhook thingee, which I happen to know would snag on everything.

Maybe I'll DIY a bunch of jewelry for xmas presents this year? It could happen.

Giles & Brother via scout&catalogue


Quick question: Is it inapprops/unethical to post photos of stuff that I am inspired to knock off? I mean, it's not like I plan to sell the stuff...


  1. i think you're in the clear. you're crediting the inspiration, and you're neither selling jewelry nor profiting from ads on your blog.

    thinking of DIYing soy candles for gifts this year. you guys, it is going to be so messy.

  2. also, i'm superbitter about not being able to DIY a similar necklace myself. being allergic to nickel is teh bullshit.

  3. I always drink the DIY kool-aid. That is, until Christmas/Hanukah week, when I haven't DIYed anything and I end up blowing a lot of cash on gift cards. Here's to good intentions!

  4. you have small round nose jewelry pliers? any minor to mad wire wrapping skills?

    doesn't look too hard. the hook isn't hard either, but if it were me, i'd finish them off with the ends of the "S" curled up....then it would be fine and not catch on stuff. just have to flatten/hammer the ends and curl back up or you could finish off with a toggle.

    check out a teacher of mine (from a few years ago):

    she's got a very clear explanation in her basic wire skills section for and "S" clasp. and she's just a super person in general.

    bella findings near pershing square downtown is a good beginner source for sterling findings, chain, etc.

    DOOO IT!


  5. Totally fine to copy something for yourself or friends. Most people who sell handmade realize that people who actually want to do DIY stuff (and already own the equipment) are not the target audience anyway.

  6. OH, and forgot to mention that what actually kills me is when people try to talk down prices by saying "I could make that for less money" and I'm thinking, "You probably could, and you should totally go for it, but that doesn't entitle you to a price reduction if you decide to buy it instead."

  7. I don't think it's wrong because most of us are just going to end up buying something if we like it because we're too lazy/not talented enough to attempt at making it ourselves ;)

  8. i love diy christmas gifts...and you could totally rock making that necklace.

  9. do it. and post the results. for all of us diy-challenged folk.

  10. Surely you could. Have you seen Giles & Brother hooks in person? They're rather chunky and in my experience, not snaggers. MAKE 'EM!

  11. I could undoubtedly write a whole blog about stuff that I am inspired to knock off because of its awesomeness and apparent DIY ease. But I don't, because there are ten blogs out there about everything already. Le sigh...