Saturday, February 9, 2008

Slammin' Custom Dresses

By Meghan Kinney of Meg.

Meghan made a kick-ass maid of honor dress for me last spring. My lady wasn't satisfied with the shades of green when we went into the store together. So Meg personally mailed new fabric swatches to each of us, and with her help we were able to make the decision from opposite coasts. In the end I got a one-of-a-kind dress I'll actually wear again (for about $225).

She has stores in NYC, LA, Toronto and Dublin. Go. (You might find something to wear on your honeymoon too...)

**Update: The LA store is sadly no longer, and I have not worn the green dress again.**


  1. Does she do bridal too? I seem to remember that being the bridal store I always swooned over in college in the East Village.

  2. She does do bridal. Nothing froofy, it's all pretty simple and modern. But you can walk into the store and ask her to make anything you like in white!

    I bought dress #1 at Meg.

  3. OOH, thanks for the excellent tip! i will check her out. i'm mostly concerned that my maids have dresses they will wear again. it kills me to waste a dress on one night, you know?

  4. It is the eternal dilemma of the bridesmaid's dress, lovely.

    Now I have to figure out where I can wear the Meg *wedding* dress I didn't wear for my wedding! I was gonna donate it to brides against breast cancer, but I just couldn't do it ;)

  5. lovelymorning, I completely agree.

  6. Yay! Thanks for posting. I live in the area and will most def get in touch with her.