Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Coffee Filter Clouds

Another Anthropologie display via a $10,000 wedding. Originally posted on daisy chain.

I've got to try this.


  1. Anthro has great window displays because they blatantly rip off great artists. This coffee filter installation is 'inspired' by Tara Donovan. But I agree, it's pretty fucking rad.

  2. I'm a teacher, and the mother of two of my students (twin boys) is a visual artist and actually works for Anthropologie, designing their store windows. I think for the one down here in Miami.

    But I agree. obviously not every bride should have to hire a visual artist to make HER wedding.

  3. Tara Donovan's clouds look nothing like these one's... just saying.

    Ideas are never new. They're always recirculated. it's how they're executed that determines if it's unique. Tara's idea? maybe. But executed the same? Absolutely not.