Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG? Emily Gould edition.

Remember that series* I started last summer and then sorta just lost interest in....?

Welp, Emily Gould tweeted a STELLAR ENTRY this morning. Clearly I had to post.

*Inspired by a douchey "What's in your Clare Vivier bag?" series that seems to have disappeared. 


  1. Excuse me, it's Clare V. now.

  2. more please, with descriptions!

  3. This is awesome, I always liked this series. My bags are always disgusting, but I have the excuse that I work at a horse stable......Finding two or three individually wrapped tubes of equine de-wormer among my lip-gloss and gum packets is completely normal. :P

  4. dELiA*s !!!

    i wish my bag were fun enough to photograph. gotta start carrying around more hilarity.