Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's bridesmaid season!

[Oof yipes I can't post this photo]


Like many before me I need help with shopping. I've been asked to be a bridesmaid in my brother's destination wedding in Hawaii. I've attached a copy of the bridesmaids dress (sorry, I have no idea how to find it or link to it). 

[It's Wtoo™]

I'm the blue color on the far left. This is the necklace my sister-to-be wants us to wear with it.

She is leaving the shoes up to us which is where you (hopefully! Please?!) come in. I have terrible taste but I seem to know when others have good taste and could really use your help or your awesome readers' help. 

The wedding will take place on grass and I plan to dance so no heels dear god please no heels. Or wedges unless they're baby ones. Other than that I'm open. Sandals? Flats? Like every other bridesmaid on the planet I'd love something I could wear and love well after the wedding.

Thank you so much for any guidance you may have!


I'd go with a simple flat sandal, like these two-tone Seychelles.

Something that says "Yeah I know this dress blows, but FUCK IT WE'RE IN HAWAII!"

Bonus: They're on sale. (Shop size 6 through 8.5 here, size 9 over here)


  1. Can't be helped. Toss directly into volcano.

  2. I would be tempted to wear knee-high gladiator sandals.

  3. having just gotten back from a whirlwind press trip to hawaii on which i had to change clothes 47 times a day and ended up feeling like an amazing race and drag race contestant (in a good way), i say to you: wear these. the pair i have in black are the most versatile damn sandals on the planet, they're supercomfortable, and they got compliments on oahu, maui, and kaui, no sweat. change out the ribbons for some gold action if you're feeling fancy. these are slightly see-through in person, so they won't read as pink, but more as blush. tell the sea turtles i said hey.

    1. I'm very skeptical of these. Not because I don't like them, I definitely do. A lot. I just imagine feet sweating like mad against that plastic.

    2. sweat's an issue with closed-toe melissas for sure, but with these, no worries - even all over nyc, all day, in this july ass-weather. wearing them now, in fact.


  5. I was thinking the same thing. I really hope she's paying for the expensive necklace. I think it's insane to ask a bridesmaid to pay for jewelry that you picked out, especially when it's $90! Please tell me that's not considered normal.

  6. I've been living in these lately, very comfortable. But mostly, that dress is floor-length (and hideous) and no one is going to see/notice your shoes. Definitely go with someone you'll wear again, or something you already own. Nothing can save that outfit

  7. I think these Seychelles are nice

    If your budget isn't completely wiped yet, these Loeffler Randalls are lovely

  8. Wear Tevas or Birks, just to mess with her. Ha ha.

  9. I'm such an asshole. I would flat-out refuse to wear that dress and/or necklace. I'm not a good friend or sister (my brother could get married in the next few years and if his GF asked me to wear something like this...I't).