Wednesday, May 7, 2014

someone got married in that temperley dress!

too bad the groom's ensemble is blinding.
but the hair/lipstick situation is pretty satisfactory.
-- says an anonymous reader

I say, WHY NOT LET THE GROOM STEAL A LITTLE THUNDER? That suit fits him peeeurfectly.

In other news.... I am alive. Just got back from Atlanta + NYC. Ate too many potato products, drank too much coffee and toooooo many cocktails, tried on a pair of Birkenstocks and concluded that they are not for me.

Also: I may finally be a skinny jeans convert. More on that later.

(Photos by Jessica Peterson via The House That Lars Built)

p.s. There's a fresh MMOHIAC for you over here.


  1. i think the whole wedding took place in the dress, really; damn, environment!

    it sure was terrible to see a play with you, cookies.

    (we all know how i feel about skinny jeans.)

  2. can't wait for the lowdown on the skinny jeans!

  3. I love red but no. The dress, hell yes.

  4. The groom's suit is 100% not my style but kudos to him for rocking it.

    Glad to hear about abstaining from the Birkenstocks. Seems like one of those things where I could someday eat my words but: gross.

    You don't wear skinny jeans? Doesn't everyone?

  5. vital to overdo it now and again. excess is the best moderation incentive I know. plus, FUN.