Thursday, May 29, 2014

ISO: Studio 54 style for an Indiana wedding

Hi ESB and readers,

I need help.

I'm going to a wedding this fall in my Indiana hometown. I have been living out of the country for years, and am really excited to see old friends in person. I just don't know what to wear.

You guys are so talented. Could you please help me find something? I love the Studio 54 style and am also a fan of Saint Laurent Paris. Typically I like leather and sequins, but I don't want to be too flashy.

I'm also 5'2'', blonde, thin and flat. There is no price range.

Thank you so much!!!


No boobs + NO BUDGET??

You're punking me, aren't you.

Image courtesy of Matches Fashion (Saint Laurent gold lamé jobber still avail at net-a-porter)


  1. I don't normally chime in on fashion posts, because I'm hideously unqualified, but I have a soft spot for lamé. DO IT.

  2. Replies
    1. I feel like you guys aren't properly embracing the NO BUDGET

    2. What about this jumpsuit? It's sold out there and at Net-a-Porter but I found it here in a couple sizes.

  3. maybe it's just me, but this is totally calling for a jumpsuit:

    long-sleeved le smoking
    sheer vneck panel
    liquid lamé
    crossover back

    also, a couple dresses, if you're into that:


    1. that victoria beckham would be great for a short lady with no boobs.

  4. sorry! forgot this dress - black leather, gold beads and saint laurent... yet somehow still not too flashy! ok i'm done.

  5. @Tonia @Melanie I was thinking 5'2" is too short for a jumpsuit but then I remembered PRINCE

    1. Jumpsuits actually make petite women look really tall/long-legged! And yeah, PRINCE.

  6. I like the jumpsuits because I feel like they could work for just about any wedding (edgy and elegant without being too over-the-top). The poster never said what type of wedding this was - it's Indiana, so anything from an art gallery reception to a rustic country barn is possible. I'd feel a little silly if I showed up to a rustic wedding in a gold lame gown or leather dress, myself ...

  7. I'm thinking vintage Halston for this babe. More here. Like this one. (Swoon.) Knock 'em out, lady!