Monday, January 20, 2014

aaaaaaand now I need this tub brush

clearly i'm a bigger fan of erin's blog than i was willing to admit.

she gets the thing about pretty cleaning supplies. and she had a toilet brush obsession tooooooooooooo

p.s. do you know that search trick? type into your browser: "site" [colon] "" [space] "search words"

for example, if i wanted to search this blog for toilet brush mentions, i would type: "toilet brush" (put the search words in quotation marks if you want both words to be a requirement)

i use that trick ALL THE TIME, though it doesn't work as well for searching esb as i'd like -- all the tags on the side of the blog give me false positives. might be time to clean up this space.

(tub brush from brook farms general store)


  1. I initially rolled my eyes at the fancy cleaning supplies, but I'm digging this brush.

    I can't really defend buying some shit at CVS that will exist in a landfill until the sun explodes.

  2. I meant to post these links on your last post, but phone commenting blah blah. Anyway, in case you aren't familiar with either of these sites, here are some more lovingly-handcrafted faux-vintage hipster bathroom cleaning accoutrements for you:

    Labour and Wait
    Objects of Use

    Please don't clean up your tag archives. There is too much goodness there.

    1. husband had to drag me out of Labour & Wait on our honeymoon. Another similar site people might like is Quitokeeto which is more cooking tools-ish but has a similar, uh, extremely expensive simplicity vibe going. By the same lady behind

  3. Replies
    1. it searches the comments, too, which is boss.