Monday, December 2, 2013

ISO gypsy/Kate Bush/Priscilla Presley/goddess dress


I am looking for a wedding dress for a casual late autumn wedding that is some combination of gypsy, Kate Bush, Priscilla Presley, goddess? No debutante ball. No little girlishness. I like a lace shift dress with bell sleeves, but maybe some waist definition is better? In general I like lace, but maybe sequins? What if I wore gold sequins with like gypsy veil, jewelry...? Nonwhite is okay.

I want it to be above-the-knee, longish sleeved, regular bra compatible, of a breathable, non-synthetic fiber (THANK YOU for the synthetics hate!), open neck but no cleavage.

I am 5'4", 125 lbs, 30G, with awesome legs, thick arms, no waist, and a pooch. No immediately plans for brideorexia but you never know. JK. I'll probably work out a little.

Also I could be convinced otherwise, but I was being stubborn and self-righteous before about keeping it low budget. Like under $500?

Thank you,
Trying Not To Use Term Boho Luxe


Free People?


This is the best of the bunch. ($700 for "mixed yarn.")


  1. Etsy seems like an obvious place to look (Or local vintage stores?)
    Vintage Mexican Wedding Dress
    Vintage 1960s Wedding Dress
    If you don't want vintage, DreamersLA has a lot of short, cotton, lace, bell-sleeve options: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    1. Vintage Mexican Wedding Dress? Clearly the owner of that shop has never been to or seen a Mexican wedding, vintage or otherwise. That looks like something I could find at H&M.

  2. Free people is a good call. I like this one:
    Cotton for $268. I'd replace the rayon slip, though.

    This one skews a little more casual and I don't like it as much the empire waist would be flattering:

  3. This is styled really casually but could be great. The full-ish skirt would disguise a "pooch" to boot. And it's a cotton blend at least.

    This could be TOO hippy dippy but again could be styled to be charming.

    This one on the other hand is in a bit of a different direction but is lovely nonetheless and fits several parameters.

    I'd also keep an eye on what Haute Hippie comes out with for Resort, they could come through with something cool.

    1. "too hippy dippy" might be the winner. other rachel ftw.

    2. Love too hippy dippy


    Get this and shorten it, use the extra fabric for alterations if you need it.

  5. This one would need a liner but it has some of the elements you want.
    This one comes in all sizes, which is handy.
    This one has cool lace but might be too small.
    This one is shiny.

  6. My vote:

    Dolce Vita

    Red Valentino

    or splurge on Lover

    Also...did you check out the dresses from this post?

  7. Replies
    1. I feel like ESB's pick might not work so well on a lady who sounds like she's busty and petite...

  8. I hope that bride a couple weeks back looking for the short white lace dress is reading.

    Dolce Vita - 100% silk outer, but lining is polyester

    Dolce Vita (again) - and again with the lining

    Anna Sui - has a Priscilla Presley vibe but polyester. But when I think Presley, I also think polyester, so win win?

    Bell sleeves, but is this one of those Chinese copy cat places? Super duper cheap which gives me suspicions.

    Mostly polyester, but under $75.

  9. Am I the only one that thought everyone (esb included) would hate and make fun of this letter?

    1. I think the LW sounds pretty self-aware and tongue-in-cheek about the potentially annoying aspects of her request. What did you find annoying?