Friday, September 11, 2009

This just in: It's bad for your health to sleep in the same bed?!

Apparently our discussion is timely. My research assistant (aka my mom) just sent more data: According to a Sept. 9 article from the BBC News, "Couples should consider sleeping apart for the good of their health and relationship."

Um. I personally would rather stick to occasionally sleeping apart.


  1. yeah, I watched that and thought of you.

  2. occasionally , of course!

    I am in a LDR and would love to sleep in the same bed more often.

  3. my grandparents sleep in separate guest houses... and their 60th wedding anniversary is coming up this month! maybe there is something to it?

    personally, i'm big on cuddling. it probably wouldn't work for me.

  4. i believe it! i wish we could sleep apart every night. i HATE the cuddles. i do enjoy snuggling with my cats, though... perhaps it's because they aren't 200 pound bourbon soaked man-imals.

    i MUCH prefer sharing a shower.

  5. THOUGH! Other studies have shown that people tend to live longer when they sleep in a bed with someone, because they tend to wake up (and call 911, if you didn't kick them too much in your sleep) if you have a stroke, stop breathing, etc.

  6. Aha! Also, if I wake up and notice I'm alone in bed with DAWN dawning and H-town still madly web-coding, I drag him in by the scruff of his neck. He loves the wee hours, but admits it's tough to drift off once the birds start chirping.