Thursday, September 17, 2009

I want to be more like John Waters

I already linked to this article once, back when I though it was hilarious that John Waters used Crème de la Mer(de). But here's what really stuck with me:

Waters is unusually regimented. He wakes up at exactly 6:10 every morning and reads newspapers and drinks tea until 8. He starts writing “right at eight o’clock—not 8:01, not 7:59,” and works until lunchtime. Waters is rigidly devoted to these morning sessions, and his hired wife plans his travel accordingly. He will go somewhere a day early or stay a day late rather than fly in the morning, even if it means staying at an airport hotel, “because I need to write five days a week,” he says firmly. “As far as I can remember I have done that, at least for 25 years. I most never miss a day."

I've been making excuses, but it's time to develop a regime. (I.E. lay off Twitter in the morning?!)

(Photo by Nan Goldin for New York Magazine)


  1. Gotta love Waters. He's a pip, and a wonderfully wacky aesthetic mind.

  2. Dear John Waters,
    I love your scary ass baby doll. A bunch.

  3. do you know about "A John Waters Christmas"? amazing, crazy, weird, ridiculous christmas music comp he curates with songs like "here comes fatty clause" & "santa clause is a black man" anyway, there is an amazing interview with him by terry gross (my personal hero!) here great great listen. not to distract you from your twittering er, um, i mean writing!

  4. i really want a regimented schedule but just can't get there. anyone out there have advice?

  5. Ahaha my supervisor had the exact same advice for me--write in the morning, do other stuff in the afternoon. It is a good routine if you can get into it.

  6. okay, but what's this 'morning' business? john waters, you use foreign numbers.

    wrapping herself in her cape and skulking away,

  7. If I hired a husband maybe someone would actually do the dishes around here.

  8. no no no.
    regimen removes the romance from the artistic process.

    or something.

    it's what i decide every time i don't feel like painting.