Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happiness is a shoe called prada.

Turns out it's Afton day here at esb. When Afton added this comment to the Practical wedding shoes post, I begged her to send pics of the peep toes:

east side bride...
i just purchased a pair of PRADA suede peep toe heels for my wedding. AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!

thank you. thank you. thank you.

Dare I say...? These look quite practical. Soft suede,* lovely low heel. Let's take a moment for a collective sigh.

*Please don't buy patent leather shoes for your wedding. Blister city.

(Title credit to henryholland via themoment)


  1. wow, it really is my day hear at esb.

  2. Those are really lovely .. maybe i will buy new shoes for the wedding ... hmmm.

  3. Just wait till we do the guest post about her dress! It's almost done!!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  4. Those are some pretty pretty wedding shoes. Good job!

  5. Too late. Chloe ivory patent leather buckled heels w/gold accents purchased and currently being stretched because they're sadly a half size too small. But I have to say, they are divine. I may like them even more than my dress! 1960's inspired, mod perfection.

  6. whooo-RA! for the low heel.

    beautiful shoe, really.

  7. Oh wow I love those!

    I did buy patent leather shoes for my wedding, the glutton for punishment that I am. I have been smearing them in rubbing alcohol and trying to wear them in well and I have foolish hope that I'll be ok.

  8. In my experience, you don't so much break in patent leather shoes as you break in your FEET.