Friday, June 19, 2009

want vs. need

Spending time on the blogs makes me want things. And I can't help blogging about the things I want. (Or the things I want other people to want.) It's a vicious cycle.

Yesterday I left home two hours before my hair appointment just so I could go to Wasteland. I escaped without spending my own money, but not before I did a little personal shopping for Christina. Sh*t is getting out of hand.

"What's your point?" you ask me. Um.

I think I need to shop my closet again. Try everything on and ebay or Goodwill* anything not worthy of Charlotte Gainsbourg or Liela Moss. How's that for setting the bar high?**

I'll feel calmer when I love everything hanging in my closet, even if it's two pairs of jeans and five t-shirts. Then I can think about whether I really need anything. (Note to self: I have everything I need.)

H-town could not be more supportive of my creative (ie. currently unpaid) projects, but I'm beating myself up about spending money on clothes when we have to pay our car insurance.***

Know what I'm saying?

(Portrait of Charlotte Gainsbourg by Tina Tyrell

*Can I use "Goodwill" as a verb? I'm gonna do it.

**Okay, I'm exaggerating. I promise I'll also utilize the plastic tubs under the bed, for things like wide-leg jeans that I hate now but might miss in two days.

***I think I feel more guilty coming home with the groceries from Trader Joe's and (oopsy) the skinny jeans I bought at Crossroads when H-town just smiles his ass off and says, "Hot!"


  1. first of all: thank you.

    secondly: we're doing a bitch & switch soon. bring all your clothes you want to get rid of (the ones you want to "goodwill") and we do a big trade. everything left over gets goodwilled. and you go home with new to you clothes for free.

    thirdly (is that a word): i so hear you.

    lastly: we should start a potluck or dinner swap thing...i've gotta get the eating out thing under control.

    really lastly: i shouldn't have bought those shoes through you, but they are so GOOD!!! thanks, personal shopper.


  2. bitch & switch is *perfect*

    I've been hanging on to all this stuff that I feel guilty just giving away: Valentino dress my old roommate gave me that's the wrong size, BJ jacket his ex gave me that I can't make work...

    Plus I have a feeling your friends are far more rock chic than I!

    b/t/w I looooved scoring the shoes for you.

  3. WHAT? Pleeeeaassseeee tell me we're still, you know, shopping Silverlake. Though whatever, I'll shop your closets instead ;)

  4. What you wrote is quite true. Blogging seems to revolve around buying buying buying. I've never "shopped my closet" but maybe that will be this weekend's project.

  5. Meg, we can def do Silver Lake, though most of the shoes are not gonna be "spendy" enough for you.

  6. Ha.
    I love that you're holding me too a "spendy" rep now. ;)

  7. I am moving to the Caribbean with *three* suitcases next month... How's that for really evaluating what you need in life? I have been emotional detaching myself from my material possessions for the past few weeks... Throwing/giving stuff away never felt so good, I tell you!

  8. I just started the long trial of trying on everything and shedding what don't serve me. Its so effing liberating, tossing that shirt I've held onto since college or *gasp* earlier!

  9. is it something about getting married? maybe house hunting and seeing places with closets the size of my purse? but i really want the 2 jeans, 2 skirts, 2 dresses, 2 tshirts, 1 jacket that i can wear to everything wardrobe.

    and a tub under the bed i guess.

  10. I really just want to be as cool as Charlotte Gainsbourg, but me.

  11. wasteland is pretty great. i have to say all of my best designer duds come from there.