Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Practical Wedding Shoes (part two)*

All right, Meggles. I hear you. But when you say "spendier," what are we talking exactly?

Because the aptly named Fortuna by Christian Louboutin, on sale at Barney's for $659.00 (down from $1095.00) is crying out for you. They have your size.**

*Because what's more practical than a pair of half-off Louboutins?

**Ground shipping is free, and sale merchandise is returnable within 30 days. I read the fine print for you.


  1. Heeeee.
    Hear that girls? ESB reads the fine print FOR YOU. That's why she's the best wedding blogger ever. Because seriously, I don't read the fine print, even for myself. I get bored.

    xoxoxoxoxo, ESB, xo

  2. Do I detect a note of sarcasm?

    Here's another piece of advice (you probably know this already): If you do order the shoes (and I know you won't), TEST DRIVE THEM ON CARPET. OR A TOWEL. You scratch those luscious red soles, you bought em, baby.

  3. I don't think I see Meg in platformy stripper shoes. (is it just to me that these are a little bit strippery? you know, classy, louboutin wearing strippery, but strippery none the less)

  4. You and my friend Kristen are both bad influences. She's trying to convince me that since I only spent $100 on the dress I can justify $1000 shoes. I'm starting to believe her. Though, I do need these with a lesser heel to avoid dwarfing my poor husband-to-be.

  5. Ah, a post where my inner-shoe whore can shine through.

    Net-a-Porter is having a sale... -Gold Jimmy Choo stilettos -Green Roberto Cavailli sandals -"Storm" blue platform sandals Half-off!!!

  6. Ebay. Eeeebay.

    And East Side, you have the best wedding-y advice ever. White chairs? The best decision I ever made (relatively speaking).

  7. Kate, I lurve net-a-porter (though of course I've never actually bought anything there), bought I'm not feeling the sandal-y ones with Meg's vintage-inspired dress. Peep-toe, yes. Sandal-y no.

    Amanda, ebay is dangertown when you're talking expensive shoes you can't return. In my opinion. (Unless you're tried em on someplace else and know they're gonna fit.)

    p.s. Yippeeee white chairs! Can't wait for the photos

  8. No sarcasm, actually. :)
    And yes, you are right, I can't get sandal-y to work with the dress no matter how hard I try.

  9. i want. these. shoes.

    *i am planning on wearing a super cute jeffery campbell pair from urban outfitters and couldn't be happier. although, i should probably be breaking them in on aforementioned carpet...

  10. If Meg doesn't want these, I'll take 'em! Seriously ... esb, will you be my personal shoe shopper? I wear a 9.

  11. You can't post things like this. I'm a total sucker for on sale shoes. Doesn't matter the price, if they're fabulous & a ridiculous deal, I buy them... *sigh*

  12. Meg needs new shoes. The blogging community has spoken and I am in complete agreement. I went big on my wedding shoes and i do. not. regret. for one minute. I wore them out on my birthday this year and felt fabulous and nostalgic.

    you are going to wear them again, you know.

    Let us not forget the outnet, net-a-porter's less well off little sister. There are possibly even some peep toes in stock.

    it's so much more fun when esb is a-bloggin'.

  13. oh man! Now I am considering a buying second pair...

  14. I got my wedding Louboutins at Neiman Marcus' Last Call for $260. (marked down from $600) I justified it to myself and my FH by citing the discount... and the fact that they're LOUBOUTINs. I just couldn't see myself allowing the photographer take photos of our rings in anything else.