Friday, January 22, 2010

a short wedding dress for November?


What are your thoughts on a short wedding dress for a late afternoon-evening wedding---in early November---in Boston? We haven't picked our site yet (and I will wait to buy a dress until we do), but I'm hoping we'll go with this cozy, very low-key restaurant/bar we found that has exposed brick walls and lots of warmth. There is the obvious question of being chilly during transport, so I'm wondering what your take is on layering and bundling up while wearing a wedding dress.

I have been looking at some great full-length dresses, but I keep having this nagging feeling that a full-length dress is going to swallow up my body and I'll just look like I'm wearing a big white sheet. Also, this is pretty embarrassing, but I kind of don't want to feel jealous of all the other girls at my wedding who will be frolicking around the dance floor in their cute cocktail dresses.

Here's the sort of dress I'm interested in at the moment (it has black in it---is that bad?).



Hey Meg,

I hope you'll forgive me for posting photos of the dress. Becauseitisfuckingamazing. I admire your restraint in not just buying the damn thing. But WELL DONE. If you suddenly took a 180 and decided to get married on the beach in August you might not want to go with sequins.

The dress is fucking amazing. (Did I say that already?) How could you not look fucking amazing in it? And you should absolutely follow your instincts. No reason to put on a big white sheet if you know you'd be happier in a cute (read: fucking amazing) cocktail dress.

Here's the downside: You really might be chilly. You can bundle up en route, nothing wrong with that. But even in a cosy restaurant, keep in mind that your ARMS AND LEGS will be BARE* and you will incredibly reluctant to cover up those sequins with a wrap. (Kind of like Halloween, when your mom used to try and make you put a coat over your costume to go trick or treating.)

But... Maybe you do not chill easily? It drizzled briefly during the outdoor cocktail hour at our wedding and I was so warm and happy with wedding feelings (and whiskey) that I ran around in my cotton dress and sparkly sandals and had no interest whatsoever in putting on my wrap.


p.s. There's nothing wrong with a little black.

(Philip Lim sequined silk dress via Phillip Lim and NET-A-PORTER)

*I am still not on board with wedding tights.


  1. HOLY COW! That dress! Buy immediately.

  2. AGREED! That is a gorgeous dress!

  3. I agree, the dress is perfect. I don't see any problem with wedding tights, either! Or black!

  4. Yes! That dress is delicious. Just think of the hot tights you could rock!

    How about some tights from here? My favourite tight emporium!

  5. I want to photograph it! Love this dress and the black makes it. Buy it-NOW!

  6. I wore a short dress (orange 50's style) to our Halloween wedding and spent most of the night without my wrap (cute cream fake fur number). I doubt you will get cold once you have your guests in the room as well as the love (and the fizzy wine!). Go for it that dress is gorge! You can always have a wrap made to go with it and complement the sequins. xxx

  7. man that is sooo gorgeous! your right she should go with her instincts...for the cold why not team it with some awesome patterned tights? i guarantee she will be so excited and on cloud nine on her wedding day tho that she wont feel the cold! (i didnt - and i always feel the cold - i was swanning around in a strapless dress all day - like i was gonna cover it up!)

  8. best advice yet.
    yes, it's facking amazing. You're going to look great.

    Also, I want to get hitched in Boston in the fall too- i've wondered this same thing. ;)

  9. what about tights for your legs and an adorable shawl/sweater/shrug to wear when outside?? do that dress.

  10. If you think you'll be cold... maybe you could get some awesome Etsy seller to make you come sort of arm wrap that didn't have a back? I'm envisioning something that maybe tied together with a ribbon over your shoulders. I think the dress is great too!

  11. I am all aboard lacy wedding tights. Or leggings. And how can you ever debate wearing that dress? Man!

    Do it, Meg!

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  13. ooooh weee!! i love it.

  14. Reallllly lovely. I'm definitely wearing a short dress, I'm far too short for long dresses.

    But I like stockings! And whiskey!

  15. It is fuckingamazing. It was cold at my outdoor wedding (cold for central Texas, anyway - around 50-55F), and I very briefly wore a pashmina around my (bare) shoulders because a friend handed it to me; but I wasn't cold at all. I think the happy wedding feelings get to you, like esb said. Plus, there's the dancing to keep you warm. And your husband.

  16. OMFG! It is amazing!
    thanks for sharing! ;)

  17. I would have looked absurd in a long dress. My dress was short, our wedding was in January and it was 3 drgrees outside. Wear what you want, and when you're outside? Wear a coat. Like you would on any other day.

  18. esb's right. weddings keep you warm or something. i got married in october and wore a little minidress outside. didn't need a sweater, though everyone else told me it was chilly. (and when i look at the photos, everyone is all bundled)

  19. GET THE DRESS! OMG I love it. So nontraditional and so chic. I second ESB 100%.