Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bona Drag Does Weddings (Again!)

Bona Drag just launched the long-awaited (were you awaiting? I was awaiting) second installment of their ceremonial collection.

I smell a new it dress. I'm just not sure which one it is.

Pictured above: Mara Hoffman Coiled Snake Gown ($1400), Lindsey Thornburg Courtney Love Gown (made in NYC, $1400), With Hearts In My Eyes Lace Bias Cut Gown (handmade in Milwaukee! $450) + The Sway Byron Cropped Leather Jacket ($460)

Check out the whole collection, then shop here.


  1. If I were a betting woman, all my money would be on the Hoffman.

  2. The Hoffman is the new it dress for suresies. And the WHIME lace one is the new photoshoot it dress that no one can actually wear.

    Too bad the leather/silk dress is so ugly; getting married in leather would be fun. But that's what the wedding jacket is for...

  3. yeah, i'm a little unclear on why i'm not wearing that mara hoffman dress right now.

  4. For me, it is the last look: the lace bias cut gown and the cropped leather jacket.