Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's your friendly neighborhood AIRPORT BLOGPOST!

Rather than pay $249 for seven hours in a hotel at the Vancouver Airport, H and I have opted to drink coffee instead and DO ALL THE THINGS! ALL NIGHT! until we fly home at 6am tomorrow.

Peoplefriends, I just crossed off an item that had been on my to do list for 228 days.

I'm pretty manic about my to do list on a normal day, but when christmas rolls around and the new year approaches I get MANIC. I really really really really like to cross things off my list. Or, alternatively, delete things from my list. Like, "post radish recipe."

Were more than two of you actually hoping for a radish update?*

I've also been toying with a list of new year's resolutions, but I'm not sure I'm prepared to share them with you. Mostly because they are incredibly boring. I can't get past "Write every morning" and "Exercise every afternoon." If I could find the discipline to do those two things, I'd be the happiest clam in the world. Fuck the to do list.

Olga Khristolyubova by Sergey Rogov via Amores Peros via Kylea Borges via LINA HITOMI

*If so, here it is: David Lebovitz's recipe is terrific. Use rice vinegar and toss in a whole (unsliced) habenero pepper. Done.


  1. Ugh, New Years. I love the goal setting, and the sense of excitement at the 'new'. However, I hate to look back at the last year and think of all the things I -didn't- achieve. I'm also working on the To Do list today. And I'm going to follow your lead and cross off 'Make hand-made baby gift'. The kid is a toddler now, after all...

  2. Last year I made a really profound and spiritual new years resolution. It was so mufti-fascited and deep that I can't even tell whether or not I was able to keep it. So this year I'm keeping it simple:
    (1) Get better at saying I'm Sorry (actually not as simple as it may seem)
    (2) Do laundry more often (that includes FOLDING AND PUTTING AWAY)
    Let 2013 be the year of attainable and practical things. :)

    1. I am really bad at saying I'm sorry. It's one of the things my husband and I fight about most.

    2. I am really bad at doing laundry more often (including folding and putting away). It's one of the things my fiance and I fight most about.

    3. I love doing the laundry. Maybe not the putting away but I get such a sense of accomplishment from saying "I did four loads of laundry today." And having a well-organized closet makes the putting away easier. I have the skinny velvet hangers and everything is segregated by type and color. My life may be disorganized, but my cardigans aren't.

  3. i want to know what the thing was that had been on your list for 228 days.

  4. I agree about the obvious resolutions-- I know I need to work out more, I don't need a resolution to remind me of that.

    My favorite resolution is to think of a positive comment about everyone I see. Normally I jump to the negative (Wow, that guy's pants are way too short) but I am trying to re-train myself to see the positive (Wow, that guy has really clean fingernails.)

    No worries, I'm still a snarky B after all of the positive thinking.

  5. Hi. Happy New Year. xo

  6. I'm excited to make New Year's Resolutions. My major resolution is the same as last year's (get pregnant) but maybe I can finally make it happen this year. It's going to take a lot of willpower to give up coffee, caffeine, alcohol, dairy, soy, and wheat, but maybe that's what it takes.

  7. Just continue as you are! Love this upbeat and frank wedding blog :)