Sunday, March 30, 2008

More Vintage Wedding Dresses (at a different price point)

From The Frock. Seriously, if you're spending the money, why not go vintage Dior? You won't see your dress in anybody else's wedding pictures.

(My favorite is the Taffeta and tulle. Why am I having these ballerina urges?)


  1. That Cinderella Dior dress is what all Cinderella dresses should look like. I HATE some of the dresses they come up with now.

  2. too weird - I fell in love with that first Dior dress about 6 months ago and last night I was just trying to remember which site I'd found it on so I could write a post about it!

    The second one is so gorgeous, just the kind of 1930s Hollywood starlet dress I wanted! They just don't suit a girl with no curves though!